2006 Demo Tracks

by Beyond Mortal Dreams

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Rusty74 Crazy good underground Aussie death metal...huge riffs, fast drumming and ultra gutteral vocals.
Great album and love the cover artwork.
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DAVITRON REX Killer death metal,love it or die in a house fire you CUNT!
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released January 10, 2006



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Beyond Mortal Dreams Adelaide, Australia

Beyond Mortal Dreams are a dark death metal band hailing from Adelaide in South Australia. Spawned originally in 1995, BMD play an aggressive, destructive, dark style of death metal. Fast, heavy, savage and powerful, shredding solos and at times incorporating a dark atmospheric synth element. ... more

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Track Name: Demonsword Infernal
Blackest of hearts and darkest of souls
We appoint thee to be our champion
We bless thee with a portion of power
So our will, be done!
Behold the sword Infernal
Forged in hell’s fire
Endowed with an evil magic
Whosoever it slays
It will suck the soul from your kill
And send it straight to us in hell
So we may feast upon it
Our mask you shall wear, our crest you shall bear
Like death you shall walk, a harvester of souls
Blackest of hearts and the darkest of souls
Now take this sword in your hand and go…
Set out on a path of unseen carnage
Leave rivers of blood and mountains of gore!
Kill us a feast of souls!
The world is a great field of souls from which you shall harvest
Go now……for we hunger…..
But, a warning!
Should you fail, or betray us,
The next soul we devour
Shall be yours!
Track Name: The Underground Dwellers
Rise, creatures of darkness
Voice aloud the names of death
Written in scrolls of blood
Ye of the spirit possessed
Heed the hell-harps call to thee
And emerge from your abyss
As one thy name is legion
Unholy congregation
Drink not the blood of Christ
Absorb the spirit of Satan
Amass before the unholy shrine
Raise your horns and pierce the heavens
Dwellers of the underground
Absorb the power that possesses
Convulse in twisted pit of flesh
A feast of death upon the senses
Dwellers of the underground
Let darkness fill thy heathen soul
Scream aloud the glory of death
Ye of the spirit possessed
As one…
The power absorbed is yours
To heathenize this fucking earth!!!