Dreaming Death

by Beyond Mortal Dreams

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released March 14, 2012



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Beyond Mortal Dreams Adelaide, Australia

Beyond Mortal Dreams are a dark death metal band hailing from Adelaide in South Australia. Spawned originally in 1995, BMD play an aggressive, destructive, dark style of death metal. Fast, heavy, savage and powerful, shredding solos and at times incorporating a dark atmospheric synth element. ... more

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Track Name: Feast Of Carrion
Cut short from their mortal coils
Toll the bell for each and every stricken soul
Despair, the fear of dying consumes the living
One by many they fall

The Black Death calls
Reaper takes your soul and leaves your body to rot

No time to bury the dead
The city streets overflow
Black smoke blankets the sky
From the ever burning funeral pyre

Only the dying can see him
Hovering over the sore stricken
From one to the other
Insatiable hunger for the
Soon to be deceased
Leading the rats to feast on corpse flesh

Volatile, festival of death
The demon, Carrion descends
To indulge in a city of rotting flesh
The lord demon of vermin feasts
Sucking souls from corporeality
Track Name: The Filth Of Their God
An epidemic of mass spiritual conformity
Hollow vessels of holy servitude
Preaching love, bringing destruction
Spiraling towards the next extinction
The truth, the way, the light, monotheistic lie
A veil that evil lies behind
Insane congregations, preaching eternal afterlife
Craving the end of days
In a false deity’s name
They are the filth of their god
Their souls cannot be saved
Their self righteousness forced upon the world
Committing evils in the name of good
They’re not the chosen ones, no god to have a son
There is no god, whose prophets they become
No god in whose name to declare religious war
No god to indoctrinate the newborn
No god to let the world burn when their rapture calls
For the good of all humanity they must be made to know
There is no god, there never was.
Track Name: Dreaming Death
Fear, anger, superstition
Sweet nectar of chaos
Corrupt, your minds, and the flesh that follows
In dreaming death
We come as demons
And gorge on your despair